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All the praises is for Allah the Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings be upon His  Chosen Messenger Muhammad and upon his family and his companions all of them.


This is an introduction of a student of knowledge from Canada, Shaykh Abdurrahman Murad. I find him to be a strong student of knowledge, and also benefit from him in my time spent in Canada, while he was studying in Saudi. He also was helpful for me to seek knowledge in Egypt , an Arabic Institute wa alhamdullilah with a dawah program from Saudi who pay for Westerns to study Arabic in Egypt 2006.   Also while he was studying he used to explain Usool thaltha to us over the phone in Vancouver Canada. Many of us have read, or have in our home this free books about Muhammad sallahu wa alyhi wa salam “the Messenger of Allah” written by Abdurrahman al -Sheha , the brother Abdur Rahman Murad translated this book may Allah reward him. His father who is also a student of Knowledge and author of a few books by the name of Dr Shaykh Mahmoud Murad ( Article title Where is Allah) who is a caller to Islam and fierce on ahul bidah, in Canda Mashallah also have an article about his visit with Alaamah Shaykh Nasir Deen al Banni رحمه الله .

The bio of Abdurrahman Murad: Graduated with Honors in Islamic Studies – Shari’ah (BA), Imam Muhammad University, Riyadh, KSA. Passed the Ma’had al-Ilmi (Institute of Knowledge), Riyadh, KSA, with distinction.
Activities and Societies: *Attended Halaqa for various scholars in Saudi. *Actively involved in the Da’wah scene at multiple Da’wah offices in Saudi.
While in Riyadh he taught Qurʾan,Tajwīd, Islam, Fiqh & ʿAqīdah.SheikhAburrahmann has also worked in daʿwah offices,withIslamicwebsitesandJumuah magazine as a translator and editor.SheikhAbdurrahmann counsels new Muslims and has devised programmes for understanding Islam. He has been a group leaderforḤajj and has produced educational programs for that as well.Sheikh Abdurrahmann has translated and writtennumerous works many of which are in print. Among them a book on the laws of inheritance, on which subject he has also delivered courses, as well as dividing estates in Canada, USA & Saudi Arabia.Shaykh Abdurrahmann has translated and written numerous works, many of which are published and distributed world-wide. Among them is a book on the laws of inheritance, a subject on which he has also delivered courses, and has practiced the division of estates in Canada, USA & Saudi Arabia.
Shaykh Abdurrahmann has been actively involved in Da’wah activities (for non-Muslims and Muslims) in the local community and abroad. He has been heavily involved in youth programs, counselling of all forms, interfaith activities and public speaking.
He was the Imam of Masjid Omar al-Farooq (Vancouver) and is currently the Imam of MarkazulIslam (Ft. McMurray – Alberta). He, as well, is an instructor with Al Kauthar Institute.
Al-hamduillah he has permitted me to post his works and statements from his facebook page.   In my efforts to giving Muslims in the US exposure to Students of Knowledge outside of the US who upon the Salafi  Aqeedah and Minhaj which is not restricted to one person or group of persons , or one camp or camps (Mathab of the current day  scholars) or organisation or organisations  in the US and other than her. 
His websites and audios and books:
  • Website 
  • Books & Article by him حفظه الله 
  • Videos & Audios by him هداه الله
  • Facebook Page
  • Jumuah Khutbah and Lectures 
  • Living a Moderate Balance

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    Never go to either extreme…always seek the middle ground!
    Download MP3

    Tafsir of Surat al-Kauthar

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    A look at the beautiful meanings and life-lessons that can be taken from this short chapter of the Quran!
    Download MP3

    Khutbah on Mortgage based Loans

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    A detailed Khutbah that talks about the prohibition of mortgage based loans.
    Download MP3

    Khutbah about the Third Caliph

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    This Khutbah focuses on the third caliph in Islam, Uthman bin Affan, may Allah be pleased with him.
    Download MP3

    Khutbah on Equality in Islam

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    Khutbah on tossing aside cultural ideas, and customs that ruin our unity as Muslims. Some tend to put others down and think less of them on account of their ethnicities, language, and other worldly scales. The Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم) told us ‘put it aside, for it is rotten.’
    Download MP3

    Khutbah on the Justice of ‘Omar ibn Abdul-Aziz, may Allah have mercy on him

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    Some aspects of the life of ‘Omar ibn Abdul-Aziz, the 8th Caliph of Bani Umayyah.
    Download MP3

    History Lesson – The Death of Al-Hussain, may Allah be pleased with him

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    This lecture on Islamic History focuses on the events before the death of al-Hussain, my Allah be pleased with him and what lead to it.
    Download MP3

    History Lesson – The Conflict

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    This segment from the History series (held at Masjid Omar al-Farooq) speaks about the conflict that took place between Ali ibn Abi-Talib and Muawiyah, may Allah be pleased with them both.
    Download MP3

    Explanation of Buloogh al-Maram Series

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    Third Lecture-Explanation of Buloogh al-Maram from the chapter of Salah (prayer).
    Download MP3

    Explanation of Buloogh al-Maram Series

    (by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

    Second lecture-Explanation of a few hadeeth from the chapter of Salah (prayer) from the book ‘Buloogh al-Maram’ compiled by Imam Ibn Hajar.

Proud to be Muslim!

(by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

An inspiring lecture on the explanation of Allah’s words: “He has called you Muslims.”
Download MP3

The Fitnah During the Time of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal

(by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad )

A lecture from 2011 about the Fitnah that took place during the lifetime of Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal, may Allah have mercy on him. Delivered in Toronto, Canada.
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Taraweeh Qur’an Recitation

(by Muhammad Murad)

Qur’anic recitation by Br. Muhammad Murad during Taraweeh in 2010.
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Khutbah on Spousal Abuse

(by Shaykh Abdurrahmann Murad)

This Khutba addresses some common problems that arise on account of traditional cultural perceptions on marital rights.
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Works of his Father Shaykh Dr. Mahmoud Murad حفظه الله :


Shaykh Dr Mahmoud Murad حفظه الله

Shaikh Mahmoud Murad was the chairman of the Qur’an and Sunnah Soc. of N. Amerca from 1981-1992, and since he moved to Saudi, where he is working in the field of Dawah, and media. He is also a part-time journalist, and has written and translated many Islamic works into English and is currently working on the last revision of his translation of the meanings of the Quran, which will be printed in King Fahd Complex in Madinah. His ‘The muslim’s Mini Library’s 5th edition is currently in pring, and will be available in one month, in sha Allah. Do not miss his TV Shaw “The Path of Guidance” on KSA2 Fridays @10.30pm and replay on Sundays @ 30.30pm Saudi Time.

Da’wah and Translation of Islamic Works.
Published works
1- The Muslim’s Mini Library (Pocket size 10 books on the Pillars of Islam, and Articles of Faith Introduced by H. H. Sh. Salih Aal ash-Shaikh, Minister of Saudi Islam Affairs.
2- The Book of Eeman
4-The Methodology of Aqeedah and Jurisprudence
5- Rulings on Ramadhan
6- Life & Aqeedah of Sh. Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab, Introduction by His Highness, The Minister of Islamic Affairs, KSA
7- The Message of Islam
8- The Other Side of Sufism
9- Muslim Woman’s Guide to Aqeedah & Jurisprudence
10-Methodology Principles of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah
11 – Meaning & Conditions of the Testimony of Faithh
12- Ruling on Zakat
12 -Textual Proof of Allah’s Loftiness
13 – Glossary of Islamic Terms
14 – Ad-Deen an-Naseehah (Monthly Pictorial)
15 – Fasting Question & Answer
16- A Message to a Christian

Arabic works translated into English
1- Surat al-Fatihah
2- Exegetical translation of the Meaning of the Qur’an (under print)
3 – Al-Aqeedah al-Wasitiyah, with an introduction by H. H. Dr. Abdullah at-Turki, Secretary General of WML
4- Abridgment of the Prophet’s Biology by Ibn Hisham
5- Indispensible Duties by Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahha
6- Fatawa for Muslim Women, by The Grand scholars Commission
7- The Three Fundamentals, by Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhab
8 The Four Rules , by Muhammad b. Abdul-Wahhab
9 The Book of Tawheed by Dr. Salih al-Fawzan
10 – The Ruling of Milad Celebration by Sh. Bin Baz
11 Day & Night Supplications by Dr. Salih as-Sadlan
12 – Refutations of Dahlan’s Polytheistic Beliefs, by Dr. Salih Ashethri
13- Research Magazine, Scholastic Articles
14- Muslim Woman’s Dress Code by Imam Muhammad Nasirud-Deen al-Albani

Authored Arabic Books
1- The Fundamentals of Da’wah
2-The Principles of Ahlus-Sunnah Methodology
3- Common Errors in Translated Qur’anic Terms .Introduction by H.H. Sh. Salih Aal ash-Shaikh, The Minister of Saudi Islamic Affairs
4- Research on Non-Muslim Women
5- Rulings on Non-Marriageable women, and their iddah
6 -Views From China
7- Rulings on Euthanasia

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