Concise Fiqh For Ramadan


“Concise Beneficial Fiqh Regarding Ramadan”

The book was organized from the curriculum of Madinah University from their Arabic institute. Well organized but the proofs was not enough or clear. So added articles from al-Mulakis al-Fiqhi from Shaykh Dr Salih Fawzan al-Fawzan, and Questions and Answers regarding Ramadan from Former Mufti Abdul Azeez bin Baz rahimahuallah, and Al-Wajeeze from Shaykh Dr Abdul Adheem Badawi from Ansar Sunnah Muhammadiya from Egypt fiqh book. Also a statement from Shaykh Salih Uthaymeen about what a just Adal (just) Muslim for sighting the moon.

Compiled and Translated by Abul Baraa Muhammad Abdullah bin Earl bin Earl A’l Allister al-Amreeki.


The sections in the books are the following:






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